The Sensitive Therapist's Roadmap to an Effective To-Do List

Avoid Detours - create an effective To-Do List that minimizes distraction and overwhelm. Click the video above to see the third video in the Sustainable Practice series. 

Weekly/Recurring Task List

Instead of recreating the wheel week to week, create a master list that includes all the tasks that get done every week and when they need to be completed.  This can be accomplished in several ways: 

  • Create recurring events in your google calendar.
  • Type up a master schedule. 
  • Use a project management system.
  • Hand write in a paper planner. 

Master To-Do List

Do a brain dump and write down/type up a list of all the other miscellaneous tasks that you can think of that need done.  The goal is to get everything listed in one place. 

Then take a critical eye to that master list to see if there are any tasks or projects that you can delegate, ask for help with or just cross off completely.  

Daily To-Do List

Create a concise and realistic to-do list each day.  You can either do this the night before or in the morning before you start work.  

Whether you crate a paper or digital to-do list, divide the list into four categories: 

  • Self-Care - taking lunch, going for a walk, carving out quiet time or a meditation during the day.
  • Appointments - client sessions and intake calls.
  • Priorities - items that must be completed today. 
  • Optional Tasks - items that need finished soon, but not necessarily today.  Identify about two or three items from your master to-do list in case you have a client cancellation or extra spare time. 

To-Do List Template

Click here to access the To-Do List template. The video below walks you through how to make a copy and use it for yourself.