Sensitive Therapist Resources

Whether you are looking for support for yourself and/or your Highly Sensitive clients, you'll find helpful resources below.  


Working with the Highly Sensitive Client

Highly Sensitive People make up 15-20% of the general population and up to 50% of our clients!  This guide offers a brief introduction to the trait and common challenges experienced by HSPs plus helpful resources so that you can better support your Highly Sensitive clients.  


Facilitating Groups for Highly Sensitive People 

Highly Sensitive People tend to feel misunderstood and different than the majority of their peers so spending time in like-minded community and learning more about their Sensitivity can be incredibly healing.  In this guide, you'll find ideas and resources to inspire you to create your own HSP groups.  

Highly Sensitive Therapist (HST) Retreat

The Highly Sensitive Therapist Retreat is an annual gathering of psychotherapists who wish to connect with other HSTs while prioritizing self-care and enjoying various skill building workshops.   Each retreat is located in a quiet and restorative setting with access to nature and solitude.  

Sensitive Therapist Yoga Gatherings

Community Support and Gentle Yoga for those therapists who may be struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, perfectionism or exhaustion.  Each gathering is an opportunity to connect inward, replenish and receive support through:

  • Gentle Yoga (all levels welcome)

  • Self-Reflection + Journaling

  • Community Discussion

More Sensitive Therapist Resources