The Sensitive Therapist's Roadmap to a Balanced Schedule

Follow the Directions - creating a schedule with time for all tasks to reduce decision-fatigue.  Click the video above to see the second video in the Sustainable Practice series. 

Plan Ahead

Step One: Make a List of Categories such as Clinical, Administrative, Marketing and so forth.  

Step Two: Write down all tasks that regularly need completed for each category. 

Step Three: Block off time on your calendar for each category: 

  • Add fixed commitments such as client sessions to the calendar first - anything that has to happen at a specific time.  

  • Add a morning admin session to respond to important emails and make your plan for the day.

  • Add an evening admin session to finish up client notes and return any pressing emails or calls.  

  • Don't forget to schedule meal times and self-care breaks.

  • Lastly, add batches of time for marketing, admin work and so forth.  

Follow the Directions

Only work on tasks during their designated times and resist the temptation to schedule other commitments during those times.  This will ensure that you have availability for everything to get done.    

Lighten the Load

During this exercise, if you find that all the tasks that you need to complete each week do not fit into your schedule, then it’s time to lighten the load.  You can do that in several ways: 

  • Delegate
  • Ask for Help
  • Let Go 

Schedule Templates and Worksheet

Click here to access the Schedule Template & Worksheet that you can use to get started on creating your own balanced schedule.  The video below walks you through how to access the worksheet.