Are you a Highly Sensitive Therapist? 

Practice Support and Tools for the Highly Sensitive Therapist

You may be if...

  • You see fewer clients than most of your colleagues, yet still feel exhausted.

  • You get easily overwhelmed by too many marketing or admin tasks.

  • You seem to be more emotionally impacted by your work compared to other therapists you know.

  • You find great meaning in your work, but have questioned your ability to be a therapist long-term.

You aren't alone.  

Find Your Sensitive Strengths

Although it doesn't always feel like it, being Highly Sensitive gives you many strengths as a therapist such as increased empathy, intuition and creativity.    

You Can Build a Thriving Practice

In order to access our gifts, we must stop comparing ourselves to our non-HSP colleagues and start building a practice that suits our temperament!  

Calm the Overwhelm and Exhaustion

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