Photography by Lauren Selfridge + Tristan Brand

Photography by Lauren Selfridge + Tristan Brand

Highly Sensitive Therapist

Hello!  I'm April Snow...

I find great joy in supporting my psychotherapy clients through their process of self-discovery and growth, yet can easily get exhausted and overwhelmed in the process.  

It's tough to witness colleagues seeing back-to-back clients, working five days per week and getting more done in less time when seeing more than two clients in a row leaves me wanting a nap!  Truthfully, I have had moments of self-doubt and frustration, wondering if I could sustain this work I love so much.  Then my whole mindset shifted and I realized...

Sensitivity is a Therapist Strength 

I made a conscious decision to mold my practice to suit my Sensitive temperament because when I'm at my best, I can more fully support my clients.  I went on a mission to reorganize my schedule, my self-care practice, and my systems to support myself so I could have the energy to thrive in my work.  

On Our Own Terms

During this process, I used my innate organizational ability plus years of experience managing and growing small businesses to help build a more supportive practice for myself.  I essentially created a practice on my own terms as a Sensitive Therapist.  I was amazed at how a few small tweaks created a huge shift in energy and focus.      

You Can Have a Nourishing Practice   

Now, I am determined to help my fellow HSTs realize that they can setup their practices differently to support their needs.  This work we love can be enjoyable and sustainable.    

Ready to calm the overwhelm, feel more energized and take joy in your work again?  It's time to create a sustainable practice that supports your strengths as a Highly Sensitive Therapist!